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Hot artworks!

2014-01-23 10:21:43 by Valfenda

Um salve pra galera! Três trampos fresquinhos que fiz! Venham dar uma olhada! Deixem um comentário também, seja bom ou ruim! Beijos! <3 Hey guy, come and see my last works! There three hot works i've uploaded! Leave a comment too!  

Ame sem pudor! <3  

I've been appeared on 'We crit your shit'

Have a look on the video and see my last works! Leave a comment! <3


2013-10-16 00:57:20 by Valfenda

Leave a comment asking for some freaky-awesome idea for a draw!
ill draw just one of tha comments below and the most creative!

Ame sem pudor <3

Back again!

2013-10-01 02:16:11 by Valfenda

Uoah, my last post by a month, gawd! Hello newgrounders, i'm back and full workin'!
Hope u enjoy ma hot'n'new drawings! Leave a comment!

Seizing the oportunity, visit my other pages on:

Facebook - Philip Eidam Artwork
DeviantArt - SmurfTrail

Love shamessly! <3

Back again!

Visit my page!

2013-08-31 07:16:16 by Valfenda

To see more of my arts, enter my page!
Smurftrail (Valfenda on deviantart)

See u there!

Hookbill the Koopa

2011-03-30 10:13:54 by Valfenda

Hookbill is coming, SOON! Mwahahaha!

The Giant lolipop eater

2011-03-29 17:13:52 by Valfenda

A have been a while away from NG. I was without Photoshop .-.
Now i'm doing new draws! serious, parody, comedy, surreal and some hentais too haha!

Now I'll leave, "maybe tonight" the giant lolipop eater.

The Little Prince

2011-02-08 15:48:45 by Valfenda

For fans of The Little Prince, here is a manga version of it, hope you like!
Leave reviews on the arts, so I can make better drawings (:


2011-02-03 15:00:32 by Valfenda

Two new submissions, I'm trying out hentai ones! please leave a review õ/

New submission incoming

2011-01-28 18:22:59 by Valfenda

I'll draw a idea from the user 'ilovemuse' twisted with ma ideas (:
But wait! A friend of mine asked for a Little Prince draw for her b-day...
So, I'm drawing it and painting it.. but i'll don't forget the giant man (: